• Kimberly-Clark Introduces Automatic Door Handle Disinfector
  • Architect's Contract Voided After Ethics Review
  • Construction Sector Posts Steeper Fall
  • Minimally Invasive Building Renovation
  • Economic Slowdown Prompts Reduction In Construction Costs

Kimberly-Clark Professional Introduces Automatic Door Handle Disinfector

MarketWatch "Compatible with existing door hardware - It can be used on virtually any door. Easy to install and maintain - It mounts in minutes with no special tools." http://www.marketwatch.com/story/kimberly-clark-professional-introduces-automatic-door-handle-disinfector-to-protect-against-germs-left-behind-by-others-2012-08-07

University of Illinois Voids Architect's Contract After Ethics Review

enr.construction.com "The Board of Trustees voided a $4.6 million contract with a central Illinois architect to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, and the cost to the school will be high." http://enr.construction.com/business_management/ethics_corruption/2012/0731-university-voids-contract-over-ethics-review.asp Word Bubble: Commercial Door Hardware | Quality Door ...
(author unknown)  "News & Reviews – from The Door Hardware Experts. Blog Home Page… ... Just For Fun, A Word Bubble: Commercial Door Hardware · commercial door ...www.qualitydoor.com/.../just-for-fun-a-word-bubble-commer..."  http://www.qualitydoor.com/blog/just-for-fun-a-word-bubble-commercial-door-hardware

Minimally invasive building renovation

Phys.Org "“The minimally invasive approach can be applied to the renovation of buildings, enabling their energy efficiency to be improved with a minimum of messy construction work,” says Michael Krause, a scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building ... http://phys.org/news/2012-08-minimally-invasive-renovation.html
Economic slowdown prompts reduction in construction costs
New Civil Engineer  "Construction costs in the UK have decreased over the past 12 months, making the UK a cheaper place to build than countries such as Qatar and New Zealand, according to this year's International Construction Costs Reportreleased today by consultant EC ..."  http://www.nce.co.uk/news/business/economic-slowdown-prompts-reduction-in-construction-costs/8634061.article

Doors and Door Hardware Are My Muse

author: Pinterest. "Door and Door Hardware are my muse. Pinterest Photos. http://pinterest.com/mamat2/doors-and-door-hardware-are-my-muse/ . .
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