Quality Door & Hardware, Inc. has chosen Detex Door Alarms, Exit Control Locks and Alarmed Panic Devices as its featured line-up of products on its e-commerce site for June 2014.

Quality Door & Hardware, Inc. announced today that it has chosen Detex Door Alarms, Exit Control Locks and Alarmed Panic Devices as its specially featured line-up of quality products for June 2014.    

Detex EAX-500

  Detex’s high quality line of door alarms such as the Detex EAX-500 model offer a cost effect and secure solutions for applications that require an alarmed exit device on secured doors. The EAX-500 door alarms are assembled with superbly engineered components and constructed with high grade materials for long lasting reliability. It features a 100 decibel Piezo horn which can only be tuned off with the use of a control key, a Door or Wall surface mounting option, and a tapered cover allowing for installation on narrow stile. The EAX-500, with its redesigned shape and smaller size make it a choice product for quick and easy installations on emergency exit and restricted doors. Detex ECL-230D Detex’s ECL-230D single point exit control locks offer the perfect combination of rugged durability and ease of installation at an economical price point. The Detex ECL-230 series has been the industry standard alarmed exit control lock for more than 30 years due to is proven quality. The Detex ECL-230D features a battery powered 100 decibel alarm, a rugged saw resistant dead bolt, panic device with steel plate and photo-luminescent sign providing managed security for secondary exits. With its ADA compliancy this makes the ECL-230D ideal for applications such as on emergency exit doors in secure areas. Detex V40 The Detex V40 series of alarmed rim panic devices deliver an unparalleled combination of durability and value. To meet mechanical and electrical access control needs, Detex V40 rim panic devices come with a full array of options and accessories to ensure every opening is properly safeguarded. These quality Detex V40 series rim panic devices meet life safety codes and fire safety requirements, allowing for compliance with local ordinances and peace of mind for the users. Thus making the Detex V40 series of rim panic devices are ideal for applications on loss prevention protection on emergency exit doors in a variety of buildings and businesses. Quality Door & Hardware invites you to visit our website at http://www.QualityDoor.com to learn more about these high quality Detex products and all of the other fine commercial door hardware products we feature. Every product we sell is backed by our unparalleled customer service and offered at our everyday competitive prices. That is why we urge you to experience for yourself "the difference that 'Quality' can make in your business".
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