commercial-door-hardware BEA is the commercial door hardware industry leader in research, development & integration of sensing solutions for pedestrian, industrial, transportation & security applications. BEA’s Panther series consists of 900 MHz or 433 MHz wireless technology integrated into 6 inch round, 4.75 inch round and 4.75 inch square push plates. With an integrated wireless transmitter and mounting box, the Panther series reduces installation time by eliminating the need to run wires from the push plate or use additional mounting hardware. This offers greater mounting flexibility in areas where hardwired push plates cannot be mounted. stocks a variety of individual and assorted BEA Packages. Perfect for your healthcare or everyday facility. Buy online in stock Bea products. is a Gsa contracted, Veteran owned business on schedules 56 & 84. Est 1988. Call 800.992.3667 or email
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