Qualitydoor.com stocks and supplies both the Rixson Floor Closer and Rixson Offset and Center hung pivots. Do you need a floor closer or a pivot? Floor closers are most commonly used in high traffic commerical spaces where both controlling the doors closing, latching and opening speed is important. Look at a Commerical floor closer like the Rixson 27 offset floor closer as both a closer and pivot built into one unit that is recessed into the floor for optimal aesthetic.  See  some of the floor closer choices via this link on qualitydoor.com https://www.qualitydoor.com/all-brands/rixson.html?cat=231 A Rixson pivot comes in Offset , Center hung, Heavy Duty, Floor mounted, Jamb mounted and many other commercial door hardware configurations.  They can be electrified, leadlined and have many other options. A pivot is not a closer. So what that means is it does not have any spring action to automatically closer the door, adjust latching or opening speed.  See qualitydoor.com pivots section on our website via this link . https://www.qualitydoor.com/all-brands/rixson.html?cat=157 Learning more about the different options is going to help you make the right choice Between a  Rixson closer and pivot to decide what's best for your application.  One of our customer service staff members can assist. Just call us at 800.992.3667 or visist our website at www.qualitydoor.com. You can also email us at Sales@qualitydoor.com for custom pricing and availability.
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