Door closers are on door hardware that you should definitely not forget about when you are installing a door whether it is for your residence or for your commercial building. These mechanical devices are going to keep your door closed. So you will no longer need to worry about people leaving doors open and watching your money fly right out the door.


There are different types and brands of door closers to choose from. The two different types of door closers are manual and automatic.


Manual door closers are going to close the door slowly because the door closer works with a hydraulic damper. You can adjust the speed that it closes at but the speed is not going to be as fast as an automatic door closer. Of course there are options that you do have that will allow you to have more control over the speed that the door closes at. You can add a spring door closer that will make the door close much quicker, but there are downsides to this. Because the door is closing much quicker it usually results in the door bang shut, and this can become very annoying.


Automatic door closers are probably the best type of door closer. There are so many different advantages to implementing this type of door closer to your commercial building. An automatic door closer is actually a door opener as well. There are other devices that are also going to be used along with this, such as a push button, motion detector, and various others. You have seen and used these automatic door closers, or openers before. Almost all supermarkets are using these types of doors.


Door closers and/or door openers are a great way to offer convenience to your customers and also to save a great amount of money in your heating and air conditioning bill. That in itself is well worth the small investment that you will be spending.


There are a few leading manufacturers of door closers. Norton door closers are by far the best door closers around. Lewis C. Norton was the first person to create a door closer back in 1877. You can expect that when you purchase a Norton door closer that you are getting a quality designed and made door hardware. You can find other door closer manufacturers that are also good, such as Tell door closers.


Before you begin looking you should write down what you basic needs are, such as a motion detector opener because your customers are going to be walking out of your store with bags in their hands. Understanding what your needs are before you start looking to purchase a door closer is going to allow you to buy the best one to suit your needs, and if you stick with a Norton door closer your experience with door closers is going to be a great one.

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