Norton 8500 Series CloserToday's article represents the first in an on-going series of door hardware reviews. I'm beginning with the Norton 8501 Door Closer partly due to its popularity, but mainly because it's one of the items for which we have NEVER received a complaint. Not one complaint or return (or even slightly negative comment) in the 15 years we've stocked the closer. EASY, RELIABLE & VERSATILE This versatile, heavy duty door closer is easy to install and very reliable. It's made from cast aluminum and comes with a slimline aluminum alloy shell. What I like most about it is that is is not handed. This eliminates the mistake of ordering the wrong handed closure. It can be mounted Regular arm, Top Jamb and or Parallel Arm mount. Additionally, the Norton 8501 Door Closer can be used indoors or outdoors. It's offered in different sizes, ranging from 2 to 6 -- this is quite a help. I also like 8501 norton door closer imagethe adjustable sweep speed and latch speed, and the independent regulating set of valves. It's hex operated which permits latching speed and sweep speed.  Barried free option, A molded cover, Non critical valves and both adjustable delayed action and back check cushioning options. Delayed action is a must feature when it pertains to any public facility. This feature allows any handicapped or elderly person more time to enter through the door opening. It delays the action of the door closing speed. The 8501 closer can also be fitted with a hold open arm, closer plus arm, dead stop CLP-T arm and more. If you need a heavy duty, reliable, cost effective, easy to install door closer, the 8501 Norton Door Closer is it.

8501 - Norton Door Closer

Why We Like It
  • No returns or complaints about the product in the 15 years we've stocked it. Never a leaky valve or any other issue with it.
  • Price. Our customers always request the 8501 closer because of its low price and reliability.
  • The Norton name. Norton has gained an excellent reputation and they stand behind their products. They've been considered the leading manufacturer of commercial door closers since 1880 - over 125 years!
  • Out of the hundreds of closers we sell each month, the 8501's are our #1 selling closer.
  • On our contract jobs Norton 8501 closers are always recommended and used by our customers.
  • The closers are used in schools, hospitals and businesses worldwide.
  • They're perfect for heavy traffic applications that require durability and dependability.
Additional Info: Features Aluminum Alloy Housing Closer bodies are constructed of a special aluminum alloy, carefully selected to accommodate interactive steel components and operating conditions. Rack & Pinion Operation Provides a smooth constant control of the door through its full opening and closing cycle. 180° door swing can be achieved when door, frame, hardware and arm function do not interfere. Non-handed All 8501 door closers are non-handed and can be installed on either right- or left-hand swing doors. Pinion shaft extends vertically through the closer body in both directions. Some options, as noted on pages 6-7, will require that the hand of the closer be specified. Sweep Speed Control Valve Allows adjustment of door speed from the door's full open position down to approximately 10° from the closed position. Latch Speed Control Valve Allows adjustment of door speed from approximately 10° down to the door’s fully closed position. Tri-Style® 8301/8501 comes with screws, brackets and soffit plates to allow for regular, top jamb, and parallel arm installations. Adjustable Backcheck Valve Provides control of the door in the opening cycle, beginning at approximately 75° of door opening. It cushions the door opening when the door is forcibly opened beyond its pre-adjusted limits. Standard Molded Covers Molded of high-impact U.L. listed material. These covers are non-handed for all applications. Warranty Limited ten-year warranty for defects and life of the building on the aluminum housing. Closer Fluid NorGlide® closer fluid is a specially formulated multi-viscosity hydraulic fluid that contains lubricity and antioxidation agents that provide optimum performance and efficiency. This fluid complements the interaction of the door closer's aluminum housing with its steel and brass components, while maintaining stable viscosity to allow the door closer to perform in temperatures ranging from extremely high to as low as -40° F. Adjustability and Compliance Adjustable through the power range of sizes 1 through 6; as outlined in ANSI/ BHMA specification A156.4 option PT 4H. Closers will also comply with the opening force requirements as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and ANSI/BHMA standard A117.1 for interior doors. The Norton door closer adjustment feature makes this a great option with versatility. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you have questions about the closer, or any other door hardware, just ask!  or call 800.9992.3667  or email us at