Rixson Pivots come in a variety of different models: Center Hung, Intermediate, Electrified intermediate, Pocket and Offset. Center hung pivots are door hanging means only and intended for interior doors but can be used for exterior as well. The Rixson Pivots line are also available in a variety of finishes. Qualitydoor.com stocks the 147, 117, 370, 128 3/4", m19 rixson pivots ready to ship same day. Rixson 370 Center Hung Pivot Set Center hung pivots are used for aesthetics or if the pivot point is going to be moved closer to the lock edge of the door. These pivots provide a unique aesthetic by hiding the hinge itself creating a sleek hinged door. Qualitydoor.com stocks the 370 and 128 3/4" center hung Rixson pivots. Rixson FM19 Intermediate Pivot Fire Rated Standard-Duty Intermediate Pivots are used for alignment and to ensure proper installation of bottom offset pivots or floor closers. These pivots are critical coefficients to having a clean installed floor hinge or an offset pivot. Qualitydoor.com stocks the M19 Rixson intermediate pivot. Rixson 147 Offset Pivot Set Heavy Door 600LBS Offset Pivots provide better door weight distribution. These pivots can be used on taller doors. Qualitydoor.com stocks the 117, 117 3/4" offset pivots. Rixson F519 Pocket Door Pivot Pocket Pivots are used when the swinging door is located in a wall pocket and provide a flush appearance. Rixson EM19-4-RH-613 Electrified Intermediate Pivot 4 Wire Dark Bronze Finish for Power Transfer Electrified Intermediate Pivots are used for power transfer and/or door position monitoring. For a video demonstration on how the Rixson Pivot model 370 hinge works and its aesthetic post-install, click here. For more specifications and pricing of the Rixson Pivots line, please go to QualityDoor.com or contact our Hardware Experts at 1-800-992-3667. or email us at sales@qualitydoor.com Qualitydoor.com is a Gsa contracted on schedules 56 & 84, Veteran owned business Est 1988.