The Schlage B500 Series deadbolt, is a revolutionary new deadbolt that delivers higher security, tougher performance and the ultimate in installation versatility. Designed by locksmiths for locksmiths, the Schlage B500 Series deadbolt can be fitted with any Schlage cylinder fits virtually every door you service, enhances lock strength on the jamb side of the door, and will change forever the way you look at deadbolts.

Bigger Bolt Bold diameter is 10% larger than typical bolts for added security Secure Integrated anti-pry shield behind latch prevents picking and holds lock securely in place during installation Tougher Thicker metal security strike back-up on jamb side has third screw inside the cup for deeper anchoring into the door Solid Zinc bolt has hardened steel pin inside that spins in response to sawing attack, and can’t be cut through Unprecedented Adjustable backset has a helical design that locks into place with no adjusting during installation Streamlined Deep drawn housing delivers a seamless piece of steel from beginning of helix to back of bolt for maximum latch reliability More Versatile Accepts any Schlage cylinder for maximum installation versatility