Commercial buildings require a very specific kind of attention.  The hardware that you use in your building may spell the difference between catering to a lower or higher class. Customers and clients like to know that who they're dealing with is doing well for themselves.  Regardless of your companies products and services.  Displaying professionalism in every aspect of your headquarters or your store is the first step to making a customer or client comfortable with making a purchase. A person who already has wealth and professionalism.  A keen and welcoming eye for design and precaution aren't questioned for whether they'll honor a return or if their products and services are top quality.  The truth of the matter is that most people do judge a book by it's cover. Your services and products are the book. Your cover is your door. The bigger question is, is it worth it to go out of business for the sake of making a comfortable atmosphere for your clients?  And obviously the answer is no.  We're going to take a company who is well known for Commercial Door Hardware.  Rixson Speciality Door Controls Rixson is known for it's pivots, door holders, electromagnetic door holders.  More so for their quality and their innovation.  These people designed a door for Nissan's Farmington Hills facility, a door weighing about 3000 pounds and meant to fit cars through. Remember when we were talking about developing comfort for your client and customers by showing you have a keen eye for design and precaution?  You can see that when you have Rixson hardware installed.  You're dealing with a company whose passion is precision and quality.  That's the kind of company that's always successful when emulated properly. However, Rixson hardware comes at a hefty price.  With not a single product under 60$ getting a single door, with their pivots, door closers and holders is pretty steep in price.  However, showing your customers and clients that you have the means to be as professional as the best can easily cover the cost of a single door. At we simply have the best prices on Rixson.  You can even check on google shopping.  Put in any product we list and we've beaten everyone else's prices.  We also carry the best prices for several other manufacturers, like Norton Door Controls, and Best Access. Check out our Rixson section here. If you don't see the product you want listed, we still sell it, give us a call and we'll get you the best price for a precision and quality-based door.
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