If have started searching for the perfect door handle than you have most likely realized fairly quickly that there are literally thousands of different handles out there that you have to choose from. This makes it really difficult to make a decision, it always seems like when you find one all of a sudden you see another one that you like even better. There is a very good way for you to narrow down your selections and ensure that you are not only getting a door handle that is beautiful but also practical. There is absolutely nothing worse than buying something and than realizing that it has only made your life a bit more difficult or a simple waste of your hard earned money.The first and foremost you should figure out what you budget is for your door handle. Door handles have a great difference in price ranges so you must be sure that you don’t begin looking at door handles that are $300 when you can only afford one that is $200.As with anything in life there are some products that are going to be better than other. So it’s important that you know which manufacturers offer the best quality products. Quality should be the first thing and than design. A good quality door handle is going to be one that offers the best design point of view and has the power to resist a great deal of force if applied to it.There are many common household names when it comes to door handles, such as Stanley. Before you make your purchase it’s a good idea that you learn about some of the other door handle manufacturers such as Schlage. Schlage door handles are a great quality handle with many wonder designs to choose from. There are many different websites that will have Schlage handles listed on their website, so you will have the ability to easily find many of the different designs, and also get the best prices for your favorite one.Many people think that spending too much time looking for a handle is a waste of time. But this is far from the truth. Door handles are a small element of your door with a big job, and an element that will add a great deal of style to the room. And because of this big importance you need to be sure that you are selecting the right door handle that will serve it’s purpose well and also look good while doing it.