Norton AZAEZ 5845 Low Engery Operators your Source for Commercial Door Hardware now has the New Norton AZAEZ Pro Model 5845 Regenerative Power Door Operator Kits. We have Norton 5485xSQPD which comes with 2 Square style wireless Push Buttons and the Norton 5485xNPD that comes with 2 Narrow style wireless Push Buttons. The Norton AZAEZ Door Operators are the world’s only regenerative power door operators certified by GreenCircle to reduce energy consumption. Norton ADAEZ Low Energy Operators are non-handed, have adjustable open/closing force, and controls doors up to 48” wide & 250 lbs. For More information on the Norton AZAEZ 5485 Door Operators Kits - CLICK HERE is one of the leading supplies in the commerical door hardware industry. Our sales staff is always available for questions, technical support or product availability at 800.992.3667 or
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