Rixson Pivot sets provide the best possible means of hanging a door. They are designed to work with the laws of physics to provide long-lasting performance and reliability. Offset, Top , Intermediate, Electric, Center Hung, and Pocket Pivots: What are these and what do they do?

Offset Pivots

rixson-pivots Offset pivots provide better weight distribution and can accommodate taller doors. A 3/4" Offset is when a pivot point is located 3/4" from the heel edge of the door and 3/4" from face of door. While a 1-1/2"Offset is when a pivot point located 3/4" from the heel edge of the door and 1-1/2" from face of door. Extended offsets should be used when there is cladding on the face of door or trim on the frame. Offset Pivots Include, 117, 117 1/4. 147, L147, and the 195. 

Top Pivots Rixon 180, H180

Rixson-Pivots-Commercial-Door-Hardware Top Pivots are used to ensure proper installation and alignment at the top of the door. Rixson 180 is the standard full mortise top pivot for most offset pivot sets and floor closers (Also comes in H180 for Heavy Duty). The L180 is the standard top pivot for L147, L117 pivots and L27 floor closers. The 380 is for flush door and frame application only.

Intermediate Pivots Rixson M19, Ml19 and M190

commercial-door-hardwareIntermediate Pivots are used for alignment and to ensure proper installation of bottom pivot or floor closer. The Rixson m19 is Full Mortise, not load-bearing, and maintains door alignment. The M190 is used when frame condition does not allow standard top pivot. And the Ml19 Screw holes spaced to straddle lead lining in center of door and is also used on extra heavy or high traffic door.

Electrified Pivots Rixson Em19u and Em19-4

commercial-door-hardware Electrified Pivots are used for power transfer and/or door position monitoring. The E-M19-4 and the E-m19U are recommended for these applications.

Center Hung Rixson 127 3/4, 128 3/4" and 370 pivots.

commercial-door-hardware Center Hung Pivots are used for aesthetics or if the pivot point is going to be moved closer to the lock edge of the door. The Rixson 127-3/4 works well for interior doors that weigh to 200 lbs. The 128-3/4 is identical to the 127-3/4 except the bottom pivot mounts directly to floor. While the 370 is for interior and exterior doors weighing up to 500 lbs.

Pocket Pivots Rixson F519 pocket pivot.

commercial-door-hardwareThe Rixson F519 is a full mortise, non-handed pivot for pocket door applications. It allows allows doors to swing 90°. Qualitydoor.com is the trusted source for all of your Rixson Pivots needs. We have a large inventory that ships within 24 hrs to one week of order placement. Established in 1988, QualityDoor.com is Veteran Owned and Operated as well as holding two GSA Contracts on schedules 84 and 56. Call 800.992.3667 or email us at Sales@qualitydoor.com.