Choosing a ligature-resistant lock for your behavioral health facility can be a confusing process. It all comes down to safety, security, and what's the best fit for your facility. Your ligature resistant hardware needs to be compatible with your existing door hardware and key healthcare regulations. There are plenty of other variables that come into play as well such as, cost, door and frame preparation, available finishes, available lock functions, ease of upgrading from existing locks, durability, local and state codes, and compliance to match your facility's keying standards. To ensure that your desired lockset is compatible with your existing deadbolt, knob, hinge, and cylinder, contact the experts here at Quality Door to find the best option for your facility.

We all understand that carrying around 40 different keys in large healthcare facilities is not the most efficient situation. To be clear, the purpose of this article is to help you choose and understand the difference between our highest rated ligature resistant locks before making the best choice for your behavioral health facility. sells all types and brands of ligature-resistant locks.

Our Top Picks

#1: TRXL Townsteel Ligature Resistant Lock Cylindrical or Marks USA 195ss Ligature Resistant Cylindrical Lock

Pros: Townsteel Ligature Resistant Locks are the best price point in the ligature-resistant space by far. 3-hour UL 10C meets the Buy American Act standards, and ADA Americans with Disabilities Act standards. It offers many different keying core options to match your building standards and is non-handed, plus it comes with a 10-year limited warranty, and is simple to install. It conforms to 21/8" bore, 2 3/4" backset standard cylindrical lock prep, so it's great for a retrofit. Door thicknesses 1 3/4" to 2" upon request. Comes in 5" and 2 3/4" backsets.

Cons: It's not as heavy-duty as a mortise lock and it may have durability issues in very heavy-duty use case applications even though they are Grade 1 certified heavy-duty when comparing them to a mortise lock. Only one finish to choose from: US32D Stainless Steel.


#2: CRX-A 5 Point Townsteel Ligature Resistant Lock

Pros: This lock is made in a cylindrical lock format and adapts to a standard cylindrical lock prep 2 3/4" backset and 2 1/8" bore. That means you may not have to replace your door. 3-hour UL 10C meets the Buy American Act standards, and the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act standards. Door thicknesses 1 3/4" to 2" upon request. Comes in 5" and 2 3/4" backsets. Offers many different keying core options to match your building standards. Grade 1 certified heavy duty.

Con: The heavy-duty construction comes at a cost of 60% more than that of a cylindrical lock. Only one finish to choose from: US32D Stainless Steel.

CRX-A Townsteel Locks


#3: Sargent HPU Cylindrical Bored Lock with Alp Push-Pull Trim

The Hp series ease of operation allows it to be used in many environments, including the healthcare and education fields. The paddle shape and location create a comfortable target for door activation without using hands.

Pros: Great price point for a cylindrical ligature resistant Grade-1 lock. Comes in 2 3/4", 5", and 7" backsets and confirms to a cylindrical 2 1/8" bore. Comes in many finishes that the Townsteel and MarksUsa cylindrical locks do not. Finishes include 03 Brass, 04 Satin Brass, 10 Satin Bronze, 10B Oil Rubbed Bronze, 10BE, 10BL, 14, 15, 20D, 32, and 32D to name a few. Most other brands only come in a US32D Stainless Steel finish. Anti Microbial coating and lead lining available. Ul fire rated standard. Torx screws optional. Simple installation.

Cons: Only comes in an HPU 65 Privacy Function and Hpu15 Passage function.



#4: Sargent 8200 Series BHL & BHW Ligature Resistant Mortise Locks and Corbin Russwin ML2000 HSS Ligature Resistant Mortise Locks

The reason we are combining the 8200 Sargent ligature-resistant mortise lock with the Corbin Russwin is because they are essentially equals. Grade-1 extra heavy duty mortise lock is used for both the highest security and the applications where durability is of utmost importance.

Both the Corbin Russwin ML2000 HSS Series and 8200 mortise lock with BHW trim, BHL provides an innovative solution for behavioral health environments. The unique integrated lever and escutcheon combines aesthetics with safety. Ease of operation, along with the strength and versatility of the 8200 mortise lock allows it to be used in many applications.

Pros: Mortise locks provide extra heavy-duty security and durability over their cylindrical lock, push and pull trim, and 5 point counterparts, Mortise locks are available in a lot more functions over 22 functions, Concealed hardware, Ada compliant, lead lining available, antimicrobial coating available, Request to exit, deadbolt monitoring and latch bolt monitoring electrification available, Can be made to fit 1 3/4" thick doors, 2 1/4" and custom build for other custom door thicknesses, Ul fire-rated, parts easily ordered to update locks as needed and fix onsite

Cons: Only come in US32D Stainless Steel and US32 Bright Stainless Steel finishes. Cost is much higher than a cylindrical lock, but for good reason.

Corbin Russwin ML2000 HSS