Corbin Russwin SFIC sells Corbin Russwin Grade 1 Locks that accept SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Cores) that fit Best, Arrow and Falcon cores. Corbin Russwin's CL3500 Series and CL3300 Series are locks that are readily used with SFIC cores. The Corbin Russwin CL3500 Series locks are also a Grade 1 lock just like the Best Access 93K Series and they also accept the same lock cores, making them an affordable option when looking to replace a Best Access locks. Small Format Interchangeable Cores (SFIC) are widely used in many applications where re-keying is a regular occurrence because employee turnover or other security concerns. It is probably the most popular style of lock used for office complexes, universities, and government buildings around the world. Click Here to Buy Corbin Russwin Locks that accept SFIC Cores: is Veteran owned and operated Est 1988. Qdh is Gsa contracted on both schedules 84 and 56. For custom quoting and customer service you can email or call 800.992.3667. "Commerical door hardware when you need it."
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