heavy duty hinges for gates Today’s review focuses on the bb855a and bb852a stanley prision hinge heavy duty door hinges. This not your every day heavy duty hinge. We’re talking true strength here --Gorilla-- able to support up to 2,000 lbs! The Stanley BB852 and BB855 hinges are classified as detention hinges because they are primarily designed for steel doors used in penitentiaries,  jails, reformatories, etc. [caption id="attachment_448" align="alignleft" width="209"]strong hinges for doors They're strong, baby.[/caption] And while many of our customers who use these commercial door hinges are indeed classified as detention centers or psychiatric facilities, the brute strength of the hinge makes it attractive to other organizations. For example, the hinges are used for heavy lead-lined doors to x-ray rooms. Additionally, gate/fence installers regularly contact us, as the ultra heavy hinges can be used very effectively with heavy gates. [caption id="attachment_428" align="alignleft" width="983"]heavy duty door hinges Detention Hinge, Gate Hinge, X-Ray Room Door Hinge... All in one.[/caption] I like the fact that these triple weight steel hinges are made with a welded pin, making removal of the pin impossible. I also appreciate how they allow forced lubrication: a nice little extra feature that certainly could come in handy. heavy duty door hing lubrication

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Spring Hinges, Lube Bearing Hinges, Plain Bearing Hinges, Ball Bearing Hinges, Auxiliary Springs, Continuous Hinges, Concealed Bearing Hinges, Detention Hinges, Invisible Hinges, Hospital Tip Hinges, Swing Clear Hinges, Electrified Hinges, and Door Springs. Everything you need to outfit your interior or exterior doors. Qualitydoor.com is a Veteran owned and operated business since 1988. We are Gsa contracted on schedules 84 and 56. To purchase the bb855a and bb852a prison hinges you can visit qualitydoor.com. They are in stock and ship same day. For customer service support call 800.992.3667 or email sales@qualitydoor.com. "Commercial door hardware when you need it,"
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