I am sure that you know what door hinges are, but you probably just think that they are the reason why the door opens and closes. While this is true, there is a another purpose for door hinges.

Door hinges can also do more than squeak, they can be used to make your door look nicer. Hinges much more noticeable when they look bad, but when they look good you don’t know why the door might look as good as it does. This is truly an eye catching piece of door hardware, but without the grasp or understanding that you are actually noticing it. Let me explain this, it’s as if your spouse got a haircut, you notice that they look different but you just can’t seem to put your figure on the change. The only difference here is that the door won’t yell at you, your spouse will.

It’s a fairly easy task to change the hinges on your door, but it is somewhat time consuming. This is something that will dramatically change the look of your door, and it is something that you definitely want to consider changing.

Alright let’s go over the different types of hinges that are available. Hinges have holes in them, and they usually come in two different amounts of holes – two holes or three holes. The three hole hinges are going to increase the stability of the door. So if your door is heavy than you will want a three holed hinge over the two holed hinge. Removing a door with a two hole hinge is going to require two helpers, so you might want to be sure you have a friend their to hold the door for you as you begin unscrewing it. Another choice you are going to have is whether or not that you want a removable pin or a fixed pin. This is going to depend more on your needs. A removable pin is going to make it easy for you to take the door off the hinges without unscrewing the hinge from the door jamb.

You can easily begin shopping online and looking at all of the different designs that there are for door hinges, you might actually be amazed at the choices. Who would have thought that a door hinge could make the difference in the look of the door, but it does. And you will quickly begin to see how important it actually is and you will be kicking yourself for not doing this sooner.