Technology is advancing rapidly and traditional mechanical security components are getting smarter. Hardware productsnow encompass multiple technologies, such as the electric strike with a built in RFID reader. With the demand for greater functionality has come a need for products including complete doorway systems that are easy to install. the architects, in addition to ensuring that the products specified on a project are compliant with building, fire and life -safety codes, are seeking products that are more esthetically pleasing. Today, many different players in the security business (locksmiths, contract hardware distributors, manufacturers, etc) need to work together to integrate door openings into complex building management systems. The number of innovations over the last five years has been staggering. These technological advances allow door openings to become an integrated part of a centralized safety and access control system. The launch of Windows 95 and the rise of the personal computer help create a tipping point in the industry. By 1996 the cost of an online opening had fallen considerably. Due to this innovation online access control became more affordable and easier to manage. Electromechanical access control is now the fastest growing market segment in our industry.