commercial-door-hardware stocks the Hager tipit hospital tip cap, ready to ship. Designed with safety in mind, the combination of the and our Roton® Continuous Geared Hinge provides a safe environment while meeting institutional requirements for preventing objects from being hung from the top of the hinge.
Works with new and retrofit Roton® Continuous Geared Hinge applications - Fastens to the door frame with Torx® security screws - Ligature-Resistant is proud to sell the Hager TIPIT® in a few variations. 1-2 Week lead time applies. Call -1-800-992-DOOR. is a Veteran owned and operated Commercial door hardware supplier Est. 1988. has 2 Gsa contracts on schedules 56 and 84. Call 800.992.3667 or email for customer service, support.  Commercial door hardware when you need it, to get your job done.
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