Learn more about Norton Door Controls 5845 and 6000 series Commercial Door Low Energy Operators

Norton Adaez 5845 SQP and 5845 NPB Low Energy Commercial Door Auto Operators

First, let's start off by understanding the difference between a door closer and an operator?
A Lower Energy Commercial Door Operator requires low voltage to automatically open and close the door where a Commercial Door closer is opened and closed manually assisted by a spring and oil in the Door closer body.

What is the maximum degree of door swing for any door operator?
The maximum degree of door swing is dependent on the operator arm and mounting. Usually, this varies from 90 degrees to 105 degrees.

Where can the Norton 5845 Sqpb and 5845 Npb low energy operator be used?
Operators can be used in a variety of locations, such as a restroom, exam room, waiting room, main entrance, and reception room.

What operators do you recommend for high traffic openings?
Our 6000 series and 6300 Series operators are heavy-duty units designed for rigorous, high-use applications.

Do you have touchless sensors?
Yes! The NORTON 5845 Series Hands-Free Kits combine a wave-to-open switch with the 5845 power operator to open the door and provide a ‘clean’ exit without touching the hardware. However, these kits aren't just for bathroom doors. They can also be used to provide easy access to non-fire rated examination room doors and doors in laboratories or rehabilitation facilities.

What is the guideline for push-button actuators for 5845 Norton low energy operators?
According to the 2007 edition of ANSI/BHMA A156.19 – American National Standard for Power Assist and Low Energy Power Operated Doors requires low energy operators to be initiated by a “knowing act”, which is described as “consciously initiating the powered opening of a low-energy door using acceptable methods, including wall- or jamb-mounted contact switches such as push plates; fixed non-contact switches; the action of manual opening (pushing or pulling) a door; and controlled access devices such as keypads, card readers, and key switches.”

  • The guidelines for mounting actuators or push buttons are:
    • Located within 1-5 feet from the door, never more than 12 feet.
    • Remain accessible from the swing side when the door is opened.
    • It cannot be located in a position where the user would be in the path of a moving door.
    • Must be mounted so the user is in full sight of the door when activating the switch.
    • Must have a minimum installation height of 34” and a maximum 48” off the floor

Does Norton produce high energy operators?
No, Norton only manufactures low energy operators. 5845 series commercial low energy operators.

What operators do you recommend for high traffic openings?
Our Norton 6000 series and Norton 6300 Series operators are heavy-duty units designed for rigorous, high-use applications.

What is the door operator 'blow open feature' and how does it work?

When a signal from the fire alarm system is received, the door operator blows open feature will open the door to allow air or smoke to flow through the opening. The door will stay open until the signal from the alarm system is stopped.

What is the door operator 'hold open' feature?

The hold-open feature will delay closing the door for a specified period of time.

For more specifications and pricing of the Norton 5845 or 6000 series Low Energy Operators please go to QualityDoor.com or contact our Hardware Experts at 1-800-992-3667 or email: sales@qualitydoor.com. Our visit our Norton 5845 product page to purchase Commerical door hardware online. https://www.qualitydoor.com/norton-adaez-5845xsqpb-low-energy-door-operator-kit.html