Half of all the energy used in our homes is wasted. Heating and cooling inefficiencies are the major cause, and the prevention is, in many cases, simple and inexpensive. Here are some easy, do-it-yourself solutions for making your home more comfortable and less expensive to cool or heat. You'll also be helping the environment.

Under the Doors The warm air in a heated home exerts a "pull" on outside colder air, drawing it in wherever it can. Under the door is the common site for cold air entry. Door sweeps are available at Qualitydoor.com. They can easily be installed without having to take the door off its hinges. Simply slide the sweep under the door and cut off excess length with a hacksaw. A few screws, provided with the sweep, hold it in place.

Check for Drafts The one home improvement which saves the most energy with the least investment is draft proofing. A simple way to locate outside air coming into your home is with a stick of incense. (Some hardware stores sell "smoke pencils" for this purpose.) Light the incense and inspect your home, from the inside, for air leaks. Weather-stripping, door sweeps and products such as the Pemko 346C Door top Weather-strip will fix the drafts and door leaks quickly and easily.

Sleep is good for you and your computer!  Set your computer to sleep mode, when not in use, rather than using a screen saver. Screen savers use a lot of energy.

Set your thermostat at 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in winter.  Every degree = substantial savings on your energy bill.  Using a fan makes it feel cooler.