commercial-door-hardware your source for Commercial Door Hardware has an extensive selection of Pemko Door Saddles, from Aluminum Plates, Carpet Separators, Eco-V Thresholds, Elevators, Floor Closer Thresholds/Cover Plates, Floor Plates/Safety Treads, Half Saddle/Offset Saddle Thresholds, Hardware and Accessories, Heavy Duty Thresholds, and more. We stock over 1k sku's in all different sizes and lengths such as the 172a, 272a, 2550a, 2746a, 2746x6a, 2548a, 2727a, 168a, 158a, 259a, 259d. 255a, 253a, 254a to name a very select few. Go To ”Your Source for Commercial Door Hardware” call 1800.992.3667 or email Commerical door hardware, thresholds, weatherstrip, and auto door bottoms when you need it to get the job done. Call us today or buy online at or
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