Pocket doors are a great answer to many of your interior design questions when you are dealing with limited space. These hidden in the wall doors can free up a great amount of space in nearly any room in your home. They are going to add an impressive look to any room that they are installed in. If you already have these types of doors installed in your home than you probably already know their many advantages. But there are some problems that come along with them as well. Fixing a pocket door is not going to be as easy as fixing a standard door. Pocket doors are much more difficult because of the fact that most of the door parts are harder to reach and see. In order for you to fix a pocket door you are going to need to take the door apart. Before you are able to start fixing your sliding pocket door you should have a good understanding of how it works exactly. There are a ton of websites that will show you how to install a pocket door. This is a great way to learn how you can also take apart the door as well. So in order to begin reversing the installation process you are going to start with removing the trim boards that lock the door into place. Trim boards are vertical boards that are on both sides of the opening into the wall. Often you are going to need to carefully use a knife to remove these boards without ruining the paint. Once you have the trim boards off the door is going to be able to be removed. It’s much easier to remove when there are two people doing it, especially for those doors that are very heavy and big. Now that the door is off you are going to be able to easily see what the problem is with your pocket door. There can be a varied of things that can go wrong with your pocket doors, so you will need to carefully examine the track and all of the door hardware that is involved with your doors. Often the problem is that the rollers need to be adjusted so that they door can clear the floor or there is a buildup on the track and it needs to be cleaned. You can find many of your pocket door hardware in your local hardware store, or right online. We all know that shopping online for anything is much more convenient than going to the store, and you can always find just what you are looking for at the best possible price.
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