Qualitydoor.com suggests that one of the best ways to protect your doors against scuff, scratches and dents are kick plates, mop plates and armour plates. Rockwood Kick Plates  are one of the most reliable kick plates in the industry and are well-known for their protection, strength and durability. Qualitydoor.com highly recommends Rockwood Kick Plates to hospitals, retail, industrial buildings, mixed-purpose facilities, institutions or other commercial areas where doors get a high amount of abuse. These plates can serve the purpose of a kick plate, mop plate, stretcher plate or armor plate. Qualitydoor.cocm offers the Rockwood Kick Plates in a variety of finishes including the most standard finish US32D Satin Stainless Steel. Qualitydoor.com is Veteran owned and operatored and holds two Gsa contracts on schedules 56 & 84. For customer service call us at 800.992.3667 or email sales@qualitydoor.com
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