Door hardware comes in a gamut of quality and styles. Price ranges bring many sets of hardware. You do not need to spend too much cash to get a good deal. There are countless decisions to be made when one decides to throw a hand into building a new house or maintaining a large facility. [caption id="attachment_230" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Norton 8500 Series Closer Norton 8501 Door Closer[/caption]

Unfortunately some builders do not offer choices. There are different levels of quality and a higher cost associated with every step in door hardware. Door Locks may stick and work slowly. The key may break or may not open the door. The cylinder may move when the key turns. The key may turn but the bolt doesn't move. The bolt may not extend. Hinges may squeak, become loose or damaged. To avoid many of these problems door hardware like Norton Door Closers such as the Norton 1601, 8501, 7500 should be used.

Regular maintenance along with keeping door hardware lubricated may help solve many potential problems. Door hardware has never received much attention. For contractors and carpenters working with specification in new construction and renovation projects, the focus has generally been on the finish of the hardware. For maintenance personnel, the primary concern has been keeping the doors working properly.

When door hardware was simple, and security concerns were limited to keeping the door locked, a lack of concern on door hardware was not a problem. Historically, door hardware has been called on to perform two functions in security and access. Both were accomplished simply by providing keys or access cards only to those who needed to be in that facility. Nowadays, doors and door hardware must comply with ADA requirements for entrance and exit. They must also meet the NFPA code for egress. As well as, work in conjunction with the fire alarm system. They are expected to accomplish all of these goals while providing an appearance that meets the expectations and requirements of the building owners and occupants.

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