If you own or rent a home than it is probably safe to say that you worry about your property getting burglarized. This is a common thought and there should definitely be a line of defense. There are many things that you can do to increase the security of your home or office, and you can easily implement this all on your own. Let’s start off with the lockset that you select to put on your door. There are so many different types of locks, and many different manufacturers to choose from that will increase the security of your office or your home. Schlage locks are great. These are quality door locksets that will without a doubt help to improve your home or office security. Best locks are also great, but you must understand that it doesn’t mean that you can go out and just purchase a lock that has the Schlage or Best logo on it. There are certain requirements that all locks must have if you want the best possible protection that locks can possible give to you. The most common way that a burglar is going to enter your property is going to be by kicking in the entry door. So if you want to make it harder or close to impossible for them to do this you are going to need to make sure that the lock can withstand this type of pressure. Now the best way for you to make this harder for them is going to be by implementing a few different things to your door. First off you will want to purchase Schlage locks or Best locks, and you need to ensure that they are going to have thick and longer throw bars. Now some other things that you can do that will definitely add additional security is to use longer screws than the one’s that come with your door lock, whether you bought a Schlage lock or a Best lock. Locksets always come with short mounting screws, and because these screws are not going into the door jamb it makes it easier for the door to be kicked in. If you add a much longer screw than it will make it harder to kick in because the screw is going much deeper. Using a 3 inch screw will allow the screw to be screwed into the door jamb making it much more difficult for the door to be kicked in. and this is exactly what you want. These are just a few of many ways that you an cheaply increase the security of your entry doors. You can uncover many other ways by searching the internet. There are many different online door hardware companies that you can use to begin looking at the different Schlage locks and Best locks.
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