Quality Door & Hardware, Inc. is pleased to announce that its recommendation for commercial heavy duty double weight detention hinges goes to the Stanley BB855 and BB852 detention hinges.

[caption id="attachment_1016" align="alignright" width="216"]Stanley BB855 Stanley BB855 Heavy Duty Concealed Ball Bearing Prison Hinge[/caption]

Kenneth Carnesi, Director of International Sales at Quality Door & Hardware, Inc., an industry leader in commercial door hardware for more than 25 years, was asked for his recommendation for a quality commercial heavy duty detention hinge. "Without question, my choice would be Stanley Detention Hinges Models BB852 and BB855, by far they are our best sellers" stated Mr. Carnesi.

"These heavy duty concealed ball bearing detention hinges are designed to withstand just about any pressure placed upon them. Each of these hinges is comprised of two concealed hardened steel races which contain 16 hardened steel balls sitting tightly within a jacket or sleeve. These concealed bearings are well lubricated insuring smooth, long lasting operation. These Stanley detention hinges have absolutely no holes and are not swaged" commented Mr. Carnesi.

[caption id="attachment_1024" align="alignleft" width="216"]Stanley BB852 Stanley BB852 Heavy Duty Concealed Ball Bearing Prison Hinge[/caption] "Without question, my choice would be Stanley Detention Hinges BB852 and BB855, by far they are our best sellers - Kenneth Carnesi"

The Stanley detention hinges are specifically designed for lead-lined doors, x-ray rooms or just about any door application that requires heavy duty commercial hinges due to weight requirements. These impressive Stanley detention hinges can carry weights of up to 800 lbs. and are quality built for long lasting and dependable application. To view the Stanley Detention Hinges BB852 and BB855 log on to : http://www.qualitydoor.com/Stanley

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