Rixson Door Controls approaches the design and innovation of Pivots and Door closers with a keen sense of scientific engineering.  Since 1980, the manufacturing company of Door Hardware has invented with the policy of obeying the laws of physics.  Rixson Door Controls is well known for it's series of Checkmate® Stops & Holders, Pivot Sets, Electromagnetic Door Releases, and Heavy Duty Floor Closers. Prime examples of their high quality and design Pivots are the Rixson 117 Offset Hung Pivot and Rixson 128-3/4 Center Hung Pivot. The design of these Pivots are meant to remain concealed on the bottom of the door for aesthetic design.  This allows for the ease of use and stability for heavy commercial doors. Alternatively, Rixson also manufacturers a line of non-load bearing Pivots.  The Rixson M19 Offset Intermediate Pivots are developed with innovative design and time tested stability. The Checkmate Stops & Holders, has 10 lines of door Stops & Holders to meet the requirements of any commercial hospital, business or school.  Rixson 10 Series Standard Duty Overhead Stops & Holders is a popular item for single acting doors.  Recommended for doors that receive medium traffic; it's sleek and efficient design can withstand several years of heavy use. Rixson® electromagnets are designed for remote door release, in case of fire.  They can be used to automate barrier doors open until released by a remote smoke detector or manually. The Rixson FM998 Electromagnetic Door Holder/Release is a UL listed Door Holder.  It can hold up to 40lbs of force and features concealed wiring.  In the event of power failure the Electromagnet releases the door to close as a safety precaution.  Each magnet is protected against transients (electronic spike) and surges up to 600 volts. Qualitydoor.com is Veteran owned and operated since 1988. Call one of our customer service staff members at 800.9992.3667 or email us at sales@qualitydoor.com for custom quantity pricing, and product avalability
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