Sargent SFIC Many people are not aware but Best Access Locks are not the only option when when you need to replace a SFIC Locksets since Sargent allows manufactures Locksets which also accept Best Access lock cores. SFIC locks are probably the most popular style of lock used for office complexes, universities, and government buildings around the world. Sargent 10 Line Locks Series are a Grade 1 lock just like the Best Access 93K Series and they also accept the same lock cores, so they are an affordable option when looking to replace a Best Access locks. Also Sargent 11 Line Lock series is capable of accepting SFIC lock cores. When Ordering just select Core Option "70". To See all the Sargent SFIC accepting locks go to is a Veteran owned and contracted business since 1988. Call us at 800.992.3667 or email "Commerical door hardware when you need it."
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