LCN is one of the leading door closer manufacturers, and Norton door closers is another. But these are just two of the many that you have to choose from. Just between these two door closer manufacturers you are going to have so many different models to choose from. Check out how many Norton door closers there are and this is not a complete list. You can honestly find a door closer that will suit your budget, but it's important that you understand that not all of them are going to suit your needs. Here are some other companies that manufacturer door closers: Tell Manufacturer, Corbin Russwin and Yale. Before you make your decision on which closer you are going to purchase it's important that you learn about the different feature's and benefits of them. You can do your research on the internet or talk to a door hardware professional. The internet makes doing research much faster than normal. So start doing your homework and you will not only find a door closer for a great price, but also one that will go above and beyond what you imagined that it could.