TownSteel Locks carries a full line of Anti-Ligature Locks from TownSteel. TownSteel Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Door Hardware with its Rx Line of ADA compliant hardware focused on Anti-Ligature Hardware Applications.

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Anti-Ligature hardware such as door locks, door knobs, and coat hooks, are specifically designed for use in Health Care facilities and Detention Centers.  In addition to anti ligature hardware being used in Hospitals, it is more readily used in Mental Health and Psychiatric Institutions requiring specialized door hardware solutions, which help to minimize the risk of self-harm yet at the same time provide a high level of client privacy and dignity. TownSteel Anti-Ligature Locks are specifically designed for just such unique applications. In fact, TownSteel offers the most complete line of anti-ligature locks available in the commercial hardware industry, including their highly recommended ANSI Grade 1 Anti-Ligature cylindrical levered lock sets.

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TownSteel ligature resistant , Anti-Ligature Locks are constructed with high quality stainless steel components and are uniquely designed to impede the ability to attach laces, cords, lines and other objects to the lock set. TownSteel offers ADA compliant Anti-Ligature Lever Mortise Locks (MRX-L); Cylindrical Locks (CRX-L); together with, standard configuration Anti-Ligature Knob Mortise Locks (MRX-K) and Knob Cylindrical Locks (CRX-K). Also Townsteel offers the only Anti-Ligature Rejuvenator Conical Knob Mortise lock retrofit trim set RRX-K which retrofit's most major brand mortise locks. carries the complete line of TownSteel Anti-Ligature Locks at the most competitive prices online at our website Visit our website today to learn more about the TownSteel line of anti-ligature locks and all the other quality commercial door hardware products we offer. Quality Door & Hardware, has been a industry leader and innovator in commercial door hardware for over 25 years. At Quality Door & Hardware, Inc., we are well known for our outstanding customer service and highly competitive prices. Call 800.992.3667 or email for custom pricing, and or product availability.

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