YALE SFIC Locks Yale commercial doorLocks also manufacture their  Door Locks to accept SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Cores). The Yale Grade 1 Locks from their 5400LN Series and 4700LN Series as well as their Grade 2 Locks from their 5300LN Series and 4600LN Series. Yale's Grade 1 locks are comparable to Best Access 93K Series locks and also take the same SFIC lock cores. While Yale's Grade 2 locks are comparable to Best Access 73K series of locks which also take the SFIC core types. The one stark difference between them Best Access locks and the Yale Brand locks is that the Yale are at a much more affordable price which is an excellent option for instances where price is an issue. To see all of the SFIC accepting Yale Locks click here: https://www.qualitydoor.com/all-brands/yale-commercial-door-hardware-locksets-exit-devices-door-closers.html?cat=189 Qualitydoor.com is a Veteran owned and operatored commercial door hardware supplier since 1988. For custom quoting email sales@qualitydoor.com. To speak to customer service please call 800.992.3667