Qualitydoor.com stocks SARGENT door hardware suchs as the 10 line locks, 8800 exit devices, 1431 and 351 door closers and much more. SARGENT 8700 Series of Surface Vertical Rod Panic Bars provides the best combination of simplicity, aesthetics and innovation while providing strength and durability for the industries that require it. Quality Door & Hardware highly recommends the SARGENT 8700 Series to hospitals, mixed-purpose facilities, offices, retail, institutions, industrial facilities, health facilities, medical offices and commercial buildings. SARGENT 8700 Series has two point latching (top and bottom of the door) and is adjustable through the center case. Quality Door & Hardware stocks this series in Satin Stainless Steel, US32D. SARGENT 8700 Series Surface Vertical Rod Panic Bars provides are available in 48” and 36” lengths with Non Fire-rated or Fire Rated applications; SARGENT 8700 Series is also compatible with the Sargent 700 Series Trim as well as the 300 Series Auxiliary control and 862 Pull. Qualitydoor.com is Veteran owned and operated on schedules 56 and 84. For commerical door hardware customer service call 800.992.3667 or email sales@qualitydoor.com
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