Commercial Door Stops

Commercial Door Stops, as opposed to regular door stops, are built for use with commercial door hardware. Their intention is to stop a door from swinging too widely on its hinges and causing damage. Floor stops tend to be the most common and are positioned on the ground or floor; other options include the wall stop or wall bumper, which acts as a soft surface to make contact with before the wall itself. Some Commercial Door Stops also contain a latch or magnets, allowing you to keep the door open when needed. Once installed, a heavy duty door stop will serve a door for years without serious damage.

Like most other commercial door hardware, commercial door stops are most commonly made from stainless steel, satin chrome, or polished brass typically with a rubber bumper ensuring that they take the impact of the opening door, instead of a wall or other objects. Door accessories like a door stopper are crucial pieces of commercial hardware to consider in your facility.