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Commercial Door Thresholds

Door thresholds are a key part of your building - much more than just a piece of hardware. They have several functions including acting as a weather barrier, improving energy efficiency, enhancing security, and improving the aesthetics of your doorway. Aluminum thresholds are the most popular for commercial door threshold applications. Thresholds are commonly placed on exterior doors, along with a bottom seal or sweep, to prevent any water, smoke, and sound into a room.

    Discover Our Selection of Commercial Door Thresholds offers an extensive selection of high-quality door thresholds that are suitable for various business applications. Our collection includes a variety of thresholds from prominent brands such as Pemko and NGP. This includes selections for outdoor applications, durable alternatives, various metallic materials, and exterior aluminum thresholds designed for longevity and aesthetic appeal.

    Our products are highly sought-after in the market due to their reputation for being strong, long-lasting, and resilient to weather. Our commercial door threshold catalog includes a variety of options including:

    • Saddle Thresholds
    • Ramp Saddle Thresholds
    • Half-Saddle Thresholds
    • Offset Saddles
    • Skid Resistant Thresholds
    • Latching Saddles
    • Vinyl Thresholds
    • Carpet and Tile Dividers
    • Stainless Steel Thresholds
    • Acoustic Door Saddles

    ADA-compliant thresholds 

    ADA thresholds come in different materials, like aluminum, stainless steel, and vinyl. These thresholds must be ¼” to a maximum ½” rise to remain ADA compliant. 

    Why Choose QualityDoor? 

    Choosing the proper door thresholds is key for safe and comfy spaces. We at QualityDoor make sure you only get the best. Here’s why you should choose us:

    • Trusted Dealer: Being an authorized dealer means the products you get are legit and come with the full manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Save Big on Large Orders: If you buy more, we’ve got great discounts that give you more for what you pay.
    • Quick Quotes: We get back to you fast, usually within a day, so you can plan your projects quickly.
    • Stay on Track: With our customer support and timely shipping, we assure you that your projects will run smoothly.
    • Ready Stock: Our large inventory means we have whatever door threshold you need, ready to go.

    QualityDoor, the best Commercial Door Hardware Supplies in the US, with 36 years in the business. We have the expertise you need for your project and offer a huge range of Door Thresholds collections to meet strict hardware standards.

    Our goal is to provide top-notch solutions that suit your style and emphasize quality. Visit for more info and to schedule an appointment. Choose QualityDoor - where quality meets reliability.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Since doors are typically 36” wide, the standard size of a door threshold is also 36”. Some door thresholds are available in sizes larger than 36” for other applications. Our catalog carries thresholds that are 36”, 48”, 72”, and 96” long to fit all of your needs.

    Door thresholds are installed directly into the floor below the center of the door and are typically made of metal or vinyl. Door shoes are installed on the bottom of the door itself and provide an additional barrier to light, particulates, and air. They can be made from a variety of materials including plastic and rubber. A door shoe is also sometimes referred to as a door sweep.

    Most thresholds are fire rated. Simply look at the threshold specifications and ensure it meets the following requirements - UL 10B and UL 10C. These ratings show that the door has been tested to retard the passage of fire by a standardizing testing agency.

    Skid Resistant Thresholds have been treated with a finish that provides a better grip for people walking through the doorway. They are perfect for high-traffic areas or high-load applications such as industrial parks, educational facilities, cafeterias, factories, medical centers, and hospitals.

    Yes, all of our stock thresholds come with pre-drilled and counter-sunk holes. You can quickly drill pilot holes into the floor through the pre-drilled guide holes and install the threshold.