Corbin Russwin DC6210-A4-691 Door Closer With Back Stop Arm, Light Bronze


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The Corbin Russwin DC6210-A4-691 Light Bronze Finish Door Closer with a Heavy Duty Backstop Arm is designed and engineered with quality features such as captured valves and a complete range of arms. Perfect closer for high-use openings or openings that must meet ADA requirements, such as schools, office buildings, health care facilities, and retail complexes. The series also meets UL and UL10C positive pressure requirements for fire door opening.

Corbin Russwin, Commercial Door Closers, DC6210 Surface Mounted , Commercial Door Hardware. Institutional Door Hardware.

Features DC6210-A4-691 Light Bronze Finish Heavy Back Stop Arm

  • Heavy-duty forged arm
  • Spring-adjust
  • Captured valves
  • Self-drilling screws
  • Quik-Installâ„¢ bracket
  • Cast iron body
  • Retrofit plates
  • Powder painted arms

Specifications Corbin Russwin, Door Closers, DC6210-A4, Heavy Duty Door Closer, Commercial Doors.

Spring Power: Multi-sized; fully adjustable sizes 1 through 6
Handing: Non-handed (with the exception of some arms and accessories)
Body: Cast-iron case with seamless cold headed steel spring tube
Arm: Parallel Arm
Arm options available
Spindle: Heat-treated steel with a crowned gear set for increased efficiency
Piston: Precision machined, heat-treated steel
Springs: Chrome silicon wire
Valves: Latching speed valve standard
Closing speed valve standard
Multiple backcheck location valve and backcheck intensity valve standard
Delayed action valve optional. Delayed action preset for 20 seconds. Between 90 ° and 70 ° for all mountings
Seals: "O" rings
Fluid: Standard: high lubricity extreme temperature hydraulic fluid
Degree of Opening: Up to full 180 ° opening standard for regular, top jamb and parallel arm mountings, conditions permitting
Power Adjustment Arm Bracket: 15% adjustment standard
Cover: Standard: plastic V-O flame rated cover
Optional: slim cover
Optional: full metal cover
Mounting: Parallel arm or tri-style packaging
Optional mountings available
Mounting Bracket: Parallel Arm Non-Hold Open Bracket
Fasteners: Standard: self-drilling screws
Optional: sex nuts and bolts (SNBs)
Corrosion Protection: Painted protective coating on all metal surfaces for use in corrosive environments
Security Package: Includes heavy-duty parallel or regular arm, full metal cover and security Torx ® machine screws
Warranty: Ten-year limited warranty


Barrier-Free Code Compliance: Door Closers listed below conform to the 5 lbf. maximum door opening force requirement for non-fire-rated interior hinged doors
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Complies with the Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities, Section 4.13.11
ANSI: Meets A156.4, Grade 1
Meets A117.1
UL/ULC/UL10C: Listed for fire and cycle requirements
Quality Door & Hardware Inc a GSA Contract Holder & Distributor Of Corbin Russwin Door Closers

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