Detex EAX-2500S-BK-MC65 9VDC Battery Powered Exit Alarm - Surface Mounted Color Black With Cylinder

Brand: DETEXSKU: EAX2500SBlackCylinder

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Detex EAX-2500S-BK-MC65 Surface Mounted Exit Alarm - Schlage "C" Keyway Cylinder
The Detex EAX-2500S-BK-MC65 in Black with a MC65 Schlage "C" Keyway cylinder is surface mounted and designed for applications requiring a hardwired AC/DC alarm on secure doors. The Detex EAX-2500S-BK-MC65 alarm, with approximately 100dB, will sound when someone attempts an unauthorized exit. The Detex EAX-2500S-BK-MC65, with its smaller size and designed to fit in a standard 4"x4" outlet box makes it the choice for quick and easy installations on emergency exit and restricted doors. Detex EAX-2500S-BK-MC65 has field selectable options and a tamper resistant housing and cover.

Not included: Magnetic door contacts, Transformer Order MS2049-F Or MS2049-S Magnetic Contact

Detex EAX-2500S-BK-MC65 Specifications
Dimensions: Flush - 4.65" W x 4.60" L x 3.00" D
Note: Not included but required for battery power: Magnetic door contact and transformer
Order model EAX-2500SK, which does include these items

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