Rixson 119 Intermediate Pivot, 3/4" offset Full Moritse, Handed, Light Duty

Brand: RIXSONSKU: 119RH626

Rixson Handing: -RH, Right Hand
Rixson Finish: 626, Satin Chrome (US26D)
Sale price$272.00/ea

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Rixson 119 Intermediate Pivot, 3/4" Offset, Full Mortise, Handed, Light Duty

• Full Mortise
• Handed
• Light Duty Pivot 


• Not load-bearing
• Maintains door alignment
• Available 3/4" (19mm) offset only
• Non-ferrous base material
• Doors 60" (1524mm) to 90" (2286mm) in height should use one intermediate pivot. Each additional 30" (762mm) of door height warrants another intermediate pivot
• Door edges must be beveled in 1/8" in 2"
• Used with 117, 117-1/4, 195 pivot sets and 127 and 427-floor closers
• Furnished with wood and machine screws

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