Rixson PH27 SHO LAP (Less All Parts) - Physically Handicapped - Open Single-Acting 3/4" Offset Hung Floor Closer - Weight Up To 450 lbs.


Rixson Handing: -LH, Left Hand
Rixson Degree Of Swing: 105, 105 Degrees
Rixson Hold Open Option: SHO, Selective Hold Open
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Rixson PH27 SHO LAP Series Floor Closer, Commercial Door Closers, Door Hardware, Pivots, Pivot Sets, Handed

PH stands for Physically Handicapped. The spring inside a Rixson PH27 SHO Lap Floor closer is smaller which allows the door to be opened with less force.
In short, it allows doors to meet ADA requirements. It is designed for interior doors only.

Rixson PH27 SHO LAP, Heavy Duty, Floor Closers, Institutional Grade 1 Door Hardware, Rixson Floor Closers.

Doors: Interior or Exterior

Door Weight: Up to 450 lbs.

PH: Smaller spring size to meet ADA requirements (physically handicapped).  Use on interior doors only.

Rixson Floor Closers, PH27 SHO LAP, Door Closers. Commercial Door Hardware, Pivots, Pivot sets, Door Closers.

Rixson PH27 SHO LAP

Features For Rixson PH27 SHO LAP, Floor Closers,

- Built-in positive dead stop prevents the door from swinging beyond the desired opening degree (specify 85, 90, 95, or 105 °)
- Separate and independent valves for closing speed, latch speed, and backcheck
-Delayed action available-prefix 
-Available non-hold-open (NHO), automatic hold open (AHO), or selective hold open (SHO) at the same degree as dead stop
-Models available to meet ANSI A117.1 opening force requirements. Prefix 
- Cold weather fluid available-specify 
- Sealed closer available-specify
-Available with floor plate or threshold installation (floor plate shown)
- Available 1-1/2" offset, see page 12
- Cycolac cement case
- Vertical door adjustment
-Standard top pivot: #180 included
-Intermediate pivot required: M19 (order separately)
- Doors up to 90"(2286mm) in height should use one intermediate pivot. Each additional 30"(762mm) warrants another intermediate pivot (order separately).

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