Rockwood 442.1 Solid Cast Brass High Dome Stop - 1-1/2"H (.10, Satin Clear Coated, Bronze (612))


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Rockwood 442 High Dome Stop US10 / 612 Finish 1-1/2"H Satin Clear Coated Bronze, The Rockwood 442 High Dome Stop is made of soild cast brass and is 1-1/2" high with a deraflex bumper. Rockwood 442 High Dome Stop is for doors with thresholds or undercut doors.

Rockwood 442 Specifications
Materials: Solid Cast Brass with DuraFlex Bumper
Fastener: #12 x 1-1/2" FH WS, plastic anchor
Size: 1/2"h x 1-7/8" dia.

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