Sargent 56-12-8813-G-ETL-US32D 48" Fire Rated Rim Exit Device, Electric Latch RetrAction, ETL Trim, Key Outside Unlocks/Locks, Satin Stainless Steel


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Sargent 56-12-8813-G-ETL-US32D Fire Rated Rim Exit Device Electric Latch Retraction Key Outside Unlocks/Locks Lever Trim Satin Stainless Steel "G" Bar Fits 43-48" Wide Doors. "12" Is Fire Rated "56" ELR US32D Satin Stainless Steel Finish.

*** For Standard 84" Inch High Doors ***

SARGENT’s Electric Latch Retraction exit device is the perfect choice for high traffic egress doors that require access control. This non-handed exit device rail is durable and easy to install. It utilizes a latch retraction motor rather than a solenoid, ensuring quiet operation ideal for locations such as conference rooms, theaters and libraries. Once retracted, the door functions in a push/pull manner. The 56- exit device can be dogged for momentary ingress and egress and is commonly used in conjunction with an automatic door operator. The device can be dogged continuously on fire-rated devices that are tied into the building’s fire detection system.

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