Sargent 8888-G-US32D - 48" Length, Reversible Rim Exit Device, Multi Function, Non-Handed, US32D/630 Satin Stainless Steel Finish


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Sargent 8888-G-US32D - 48" Length, Reversible Rim Exit Device, Multi-Function, Trim decides Function, US32D/630 Satin Stainless Steel Finish

Sargent 8888-G-US32D Reversible Rim Exit Device Satin Stainless Steel has a 48" Bar, The 8888-G-US32D Is a Grade One Surface Mounted Panic Bar Non-Rated With Hex Key Dogging, The 8888 Is Non-Handed Seven Functions Determined By The Function Of The Trim. Multi-Function, Trim decides Function

Panic Trims Sold Separately that work with the 8888 Multi-Function Sargent Exit/Panic Bar

Panic Trims for 8888 Sargent Multi-Function Exit Devices/Panic Bars

Panic Trims for Multi-Function Exit Devices Sargent 8888

Panic Trims Compatible with 8888 Sargent Multi-Function Panic Bars

  • Non-handed
  • Single and double door applications
  • Device & trim sold separately; Compatible multi-function trim options 713-8 Classroom Function, 715-8 Passage Function, 704-8 Storeroom Function, and other Function Exit Trims. 
  • 3 available trim designs; trim is field reversible
  • Available in 36" and 48" widths (please specify)


Technical Specs
Physical Appearance Wide Stile Pushpad
Device Type Rim
Mechanical Function Exit Only, Accepts Different Function Trims
Device Length 48"
Hand Non-Handed
Dogging Options Hex Key Dogging
Includes Trim No
Trim Type Less trim
Includes Cylinder(s) No
Minimum Stile Size 4-3/4"
Door Material Metal or Wood
Door Width 43" to 48"
Door Thickness 1-3/4" - 2-1/4"
Fire Rated No
Reversible Yes
Product Type Rim Exit Devices


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