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Popular Commercial Door Hardware Categories

Commercial door hardware is an essential component for any business, providing security, safety, and accessibility. From exit devices and panic bars to door closers and mortise locks, we have the right door hardware to meet your business’s needs.

Exit Devices and Panic Bars

Exit Devices | Panic Bars

Exit devices sometimes called Panic Devices or Crash Bars are designed to provide building occupants with fast and easy egress in an emergency. Available in both mechanical and electrical applications.

Commercial Door Locks

Commercial door locks stocks a variety of door locks including Mortise locks, Cylindrical Locks, Ligature Resistant Locks, Electronic Push Button locks, Electrified Locks, Privacy Indicator locks and much more.

commercial Door Closers

Door Closers

Door closers are mechanical devices used in commercial buildings to ensure the closure of a door once it has been opened. Concealed, Surface, Electromechanical, and Security Closers are some of the applications we stock.

Door Stops

Door Stops

Door stops help protect the door handles and nearby surfaces. We stock various types such as baseboard stops, floor stops, kick stops, wall stops, and Overhead stops that are ready to ship.

Featured Products

Commercial door hardware enables doors to open and close, so one can pass through the entryway. Besides hinges, deadbolts, locks, latches, and door pivots, it also includes door accessories that improve the functionality and aesthetics of doors.

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Commercial Door HArdware Brands You Can Trust

Our large inventory consists of 80 of the industry’s most trusted commercial door hardware brands. Whether you’re looking for durability, style, or advanced security features, we have you covered.

Sargent Exit Device from Assa Abloy
Sargent door hardware from quality door

SARGENT Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of architectural hardware for new and retrofit applications. SARGENT provides opening solutions for a variety of vertical markets including education and healthcare, and continues to lead our industry in new product introductions and innovations.

LCN Automatic Door Operators
LCN door hardware door operators from

LCN is dedicated to providing the most durable products engineered to the highest levels of precision. Since 1877 LCN has been a pioneer in the industry, delivering door control solutions known for their meticulous engineering and quality control.

Von Duprin

For years, Von Duprin has been a trusted choice for safety products in public buildings. Renowned for their unmatched quality and performance, Von Duprin offers a range of solutions, from innovative exit devices to electronic access control solutions and accessories.

Schlage Electronics Multi-technology readers
Schlage door hardware from

From pioneering the first push-button lock in 1920 to the high-tech mobile solutions of today, Schlage’s passion for door hardware is what drives them to develop the products that improve security, efficiency and convenience. For 100 years, Schalge's legacy of continuous improvement has been trusted in over 40 million homes, schools and businesses around the world.

Benefits of Quality Door Hardware

From healthcare facilities, office spaces, K-12 and higher learning, to Goverment facilites and Military bases, has the commercial door hardware to meet all your facilities door hardware requirements.

Safety and Security Door Hardware
Safety & Security

Safety and security are crucial in commercial buildings. Access Control Door Hardware, Panic Devices, Classroom Intruder locks, Cylindrical and Mortise Locks are just a few ways the commercial door hardware industry keeps innovating and evolving.

Durable and Aesthetic Door Hardware
Durability & Aesthetics

Commercial Grade 1 and Grade 2 door hardware is made to withstand the harshest of environments. From healthcare facilities, office spaces, K-12 and higher learning, to Goverment facilites and Military bases, its important to choose the right door hardware to get the job done.

Anti Ligature Door Lock
Personalized Features

Quality door hardware products are designed by engineers and craftsmen with many personalized attributes in mind. We have door hardware for OMH Patient Care, ADA Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and all special building requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial door hardware plays a role in security and safety. It includes fasteners, locks, door handles, hinges, door knobs, door closers, and more. This means that commercial door hardware ensures that the door stays up, keeps the entryway locked, and that one can pass through the entryway.

Door hardware typically used for commercial buildings are usually heavy duty as these places have a higher amount of foot traffic compared to residential buildings. For this reason, commercial grade door hardware is divided into three grades based on the ANSI / BHMA grading system: 1, 2, and 3 to help you understand the quality when making a purchase.

Since commercial door hardware is made to be more durable, it is typically made of higher quality material. This means that they can be made from alloy metals such as brass or stainless steel. It also depends on the purpose such as how security doors or exit doors should be fire rated and therefore made of materials that slow or stop the spread of flames, smoke, and heat transfer.

Some examples of exterior commercial door hardware include locking mechanisms such as deadbolts, spring bolts, or keyless locks; exit devices; door closers; hinges; wall and door protectors; and more.

The ADA requires that operable parts of door hardware be a minimum height of 34 inches and a maximum height of 48 inches, with a maximum required force of 5 pounds. That means the door closer resistance must be 5 pounds or less to accommodate users' various upper extremity abilities.

Ligature resistant door hardware features rounded surfaces and low profiles that are designed to secure rooms without presenting potential safety hazards. These environments can also be equipped with ligature resistant doors and frames that enable staff to gain rapid access to a room

Sargent makes A 8888 Multi- Function Rim Exit Device. The Panic Trim 700 series such as the 704 Storeroom Function, 713 Classroom Function, 715 Passage Function decides the function of the device. Fully compatible just change the trim to change the function without changing the panic bar itself.

The Intruder Lock is keyed on both sides and when turning your key from the inside, it secures the outside handle. The inside will always remain unlocked, allowing all occupants to be able to exit the room at any time. These locks protect classrooms by allowing the teacher to lock the exterior trim without leaving the classroom.

A storeroom function always requires a key to retract the latch and enter the room. A classroom lock can be locked or unlocked using a key in the outside lever. For both functions, the inside lever always allows free egress.