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Automatic Door Openers for Commerical Buildings

Automatic door operators activate when a motion sensor or activation plate sends a signal to open the door. Automatic commercial door openers are commonly installed in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in regard to door accessibility.

Our catalog of commercial automatic door openers offers an easy way to make your building accessible to everyone.

We carry: Activation Push Plates & Bollards, Low Energy Door Operators, Touchless Door Openers and Transmitters/Receivers for automatic doors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to install an automatic door varies depending on the style of door opener, the size of the door, and any additional sensors you plan on installing. In general, you should be able to retrofit an existing manual door into an automatic door for around $2,000 via a low-energy door operator and a sensor or activation plate.

The ADA does not require automatic door operators, but they do help make your entrance or door more accessible to those with disabilities. There are ways to comply with the standards the ADA has laid out using regular hardware, but when used properly, automatic door operators certainly make it easier.

Doors with automatic closers should take a minimum of five seconds to go from 90 degrees to 12 degrees. Doors that close quickly are particularly difficult for people with disabilities or handicaps. You can set your door to stay open longer than five seconds, but you may see a rise in energy costs.

Automatic doors are a great way to increase the accessibility of your building. While not required by the ADA, automatic doors allow those with disabilities to easily operate entrances and exits. A simple push pad configuration, keypad, or motion sensor makes all the difference for people with disabilities or even without disabilities.

There are essentially three types of automatic doors; sliding, folding, and swinging. Swinging automatic doors operate like regular doors but are powered by automatic swing door operators. Folding doors require less installation space since the door panels fold into a V shape, almost like an accordion. Sliding door systems are some of the most common automatic doors out there. You’ve more than likely seen them at grocery stores, malls, and healthcare facilities. These doors slide along rails to allow people to enter or exit your building.

An automatic door actuator is an electromechanical device mounted onto new or existing doors that utilizes a motor to open or close the door.Automatic door actuators come in various styles, sizes, and power modes. Low-energy models like the NABCO GT8710 are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their versatility, low-energy usage, and various sizes. With automatic door actuators, you can vary the closing speed of the door as well as how long it stays open.