Astragals & Meeting Stiles

Astragals and Meeting Stiles

Astragals, also known as Meeting Stiles, are placed on top of a pair of doors, sealing the gap between them when they are closed. While Astragals overlap and require that the doors close in a certain order, Meeting Stiles meet in the middle and allow for doors to be opened independently. Both of these models are fastened directly to the door and can come in a range of styles and colors. A door astragal can be applied to a single door, or double doors and are useful on both metal or wood doors.

Both Astragals & Meeting Stiles’ primary application is to prevent light, sound, and drafts from passing under or through the gaps between the two doors. In emergency situations, astragals & meeting stiles can also help prevent smoke and fire from spreading from room to room, making them a primary door hardware component in any industry. Consider your needs for both interior and exterior astragals by examining the desired length to fit your access point.