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Commercial door stops are vital pieces of door hardware. Door stops prevent a door from closing or forcefully swinging open. If you don’t install door stops, heavy commercial doors can cause damage to drywall or other objects. Quality Door and Hardware has over 200 commercial door-stop products from industry giants like Rixson, ABH, and Ives. Choose a variety of finishes like stainless steel, satin chrome, solid brass, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Several types of commercial-grade door stops are available on the market today. Quality Door and Hardware offers overhead door stops, automatic door stops, dome door stops, floor stops, kick-down door stops, plunger door stops, roller bumpers, wall-mounted door stops, and electromagnetic door holders.

The installation procedure varies from model to model. They can be installed overhead, on the bottom of the door, on the floor, or even on the wall itself. Commercial door stops are generally mounted and installed via the screws included with your door stop. When in doubt, read the specific installation instructions that came with your model, or contact our customer service representatives if you need help with one of our products

The best door stopper depends on your specific situation. Some doors benefit from having a simple wall-mounted rubber stopper like the Rockwood 403. Other doors may benefit from a plunger door stop or a kick-down door stop like the Ives FS452. At the very least, you should prevent the door latch or corners from damaging your drywall by using a dome floor door stop such as the Rockwood 440.

The most popular brands for commercial door stops on the market today are Rixson, Glynn-Johnson, Rockwood, Architectural Builders Hardware Manufacturing (ABH), and Ives.

The purpose of a door stop is to make contact with the door or door knob and prevent it from damaging the drywall or slamming shut. Ideally, there should be no gap between your door when it is fully open and the door stop. If there is a gap between your fully opened door and the door stop, you will need to reinstall it so it can do its job correctly.