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What Are the Different Types of Kits and Accessories?

As the leading seller of heavy-duty commercial door kits and accessories in the US, Qualitydoor.com is proud to offer high-quality door hardware parts and kits from leading manufacturers.

Each kit and accessory is crafted precisely to meet the rigorous demands of commercial and institutional environments. Following are some of the popular types of kits and accessories:

  • Electric Latch Retraction Kits: Transform manual exit devices into automated systems, enhancing convenience and accessibility.
  • Lockdown Kits: Enable quick and effective lockdown procedures during emergencies, prioritizing safety without compromising security.
  • Request to Exit Kits: Streamline exit processes with a responsive and reliable request-to-exit switch, optimizing traffic flow and security protocols.
  • Alarm Kits: Integrate audible alarms seamlessly with exit devices, providing instant alerts and enhancing overall security measures.

Explore Kits and Accessories at Qualitydoor.com

Qualitydoor.com’s carefully curated collection of door hardware parts, kits, and accessories guarantees that users discover the right options to enhance the performance and security of their exit devices. Whether seeking top-tier functionality or premium security features, users can explore our catalog to find the perfect solution. Contact us today for more information.

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