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A metal louver is specifically designed to allow airflow into a building or room while at the same time resisting water, reducing sound, and remaining tamper resistant from vandals thanks to the horizontal slats. Louvers are available in various sizes to ensure that there is one for any possible application in your facility. We carry quality metal louvers from the aptly named company Air Louvers, which is a subdivision of the Activar Construction Products Group. They’ve been manufacturing these products for over fifty years and know exactly what it is you need for your commercial construction or facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Louvers allow airflow between a building and the outside or internal rooms. They’re commonly used to keep water out and reduce external noise while allowing for ventilation. Commercial air louvers also have the added benefit of being more tamper resistant than other similar products that allow for ventilation.

At, we carry three different kinds of commercial metal louvers. We have louvers with inverted “Y” blades, security grille louvers, as well as louvers with adjustable “Z” blades. Some louvers are fire rated, some are for more secure purposes, and some are for simple applications that only require ventilation and airflow.

Depending on your situation, you may need a fire-rated louver or a simple louver for ventilation and airflow. The cold rolled steel 1900A commercial air louver is perfect for fire-rated doors and has a 1 ½ hour rating. The 800 series is better suited for lighter applications where ventilation is the sole priority. They’re commonly used in educational facilities and class-A buildings.

The best louvers are the ones that fit your specific needs. carries various commercial metal louvers from the Air Louver company, a quality, reliable manufacturer of metal louvers. Depending on your needs, the fire-rated 1900 series may be better than the simple stainless steel 800 series. offers two different styles of commercial metal louvers made from two different materials. We offer metal louvers made from stainless steel as well as air louvers made from steel that has undergone cold rolling. Cold rolling makes it more durable and gives it a more pleasing finish.