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Aiphone GT-BC GT Audio Bus Control Unit


Aiphone GT-BC GT Audio Bus Control Unit

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Aiphone GT-BC GT Audio Bus Control Unit

Aiphone GT-BC GT Audio Bus Control Unit Supports up to 500 tenant stations. The GT Series supports up to 500 tenant stations, which can communicate hands-free to a mAXimum of 16 entry panels and four security guard stations. The 170-degree entry station camera with PanTilt Zoom provides complete entry visibility. Choose from a one-piece stainless steel entry panel or easily configure the entry panels using either direct select or digital keypad.

GT Multi-Tenant Color Video Entry Security System

ADA compliant design that provides buildings with a mix of all stations. Has a 170 ° PanTilt & Zoom video camera for a larger viewing area and a built-in access code keypad.

  • Power Supply: 24V DC - Use PS-2420UL (for GT-BC, GT-VBC, GT-NS, GT-MK, GT-BCX, and GT-2C)
  • Current Consumption: GT-BC: 0.9 A, GT-VBC: 0.9 A, GT-NS: 0.13 A, GT-MK: 0.18 A, GT-BCX: 0.35 A,
  • GT-2C: 0.26 A, GT-2H: 0.11 A
  • Call Tone: There are three different types of call tones: from the entrance station, security guard station, and doorbell
  • Talk & Video Path: Secure single channel
  • Communication: Hands-free, voice-actuated communication or push-to-talk communication
  • Door Release: Connecting terminals: between ELM - ELC (N/O) and ELB - ELC (N/C) Specifications: less than 4A (resistance load), 24V AC/DC, dry closure contact
  • Wiring: Two conductor cables (Aiphone #872002 for audio and Aiphone #871802 for video)
  • Type of Cables: Pair cable (solid wire - not stranded), polyethylene insulated, low cap, diameter 20AWG-18AWG

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