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Alarm Lock PG21MB Narrowstile Door Alarm With Metallic Bronze Finish

  • SKU: PG21MB

Alarm Lock PG21MB Narrowstile Door Alarm With Metallic Bronze Finish

  • SKU: PG21MB
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Alarm Lock PG21MB Metallic Bronze Finish Narrowstile Door Alarm

The PG21MB Door Alarm includes advanced narrow-stile microprocessor-controlled door alarms for surface mounting on a door or door frame
Typical applications include emergency fire escape doors, nursing home stairwell doors, rear restaurant and theater doors


  • Two selectable arming modes:
    • Always armed mode - when key is turned counter clockwise to the disarm position, the key cannot be removed. To remove key, turn back to arm mode, thus keeping unit armed always
    • Standard arming mode - when key is inserted turning counter clockwise will disarm and key can be removed. Turning key clockwise will arm and key can be removed
  • Continuous power with the addition of an external power supply
  • Multiple door monitoring permitted with built-in external reed switches
  • Status Indicator - The LED will indicate RED when armed
  • Entry Delay Time Options - include 15 seconds, 1 minute 15 seconds & 3 minutes 15 seconds
  • Sleek model design key-activated door alarm for use on standard size and narrow stile doors
  • Unauthorized use of door causes alarm to sound and activates LED indicator
  • Options include continuous alarm, minute shutdown with auto reset and exit/entry delay
  • Uses standard mortise cylinder
  • Tamper switch supervised
  • For exterior key control, optional RIM cylinder may be used
  • Metallic Bronze finish
  • CEM Mortise cylinder for interior arming/disarming
  • CER Rim cylinder for exterior arming/disarming


Dimensions: 9" x 2 1/2" x 2 3/8" (22.8cm x 6.3cm x 6.8cm) (LxWxD)
Power Requirements: 9-Volt Alkaline Battery (supplied)
Sound Device: Piezo electronic sounder sweep siren, steady or pulsing, 110dB at 10 feet
Relay Contacts: (Form-C) rated at 24VAC/DC at 1A (noninductive)
Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty


ANSI/BHMA: Grade 1

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