Bobrick B273 Surface-Mounted Toilet Tissue Dispenser For Single Roll


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Bobrick B273 Surface Mounted Single Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser with Controlled Delivery


  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum, satin-finish
  • High-impact plastic spindles have concealed locking device; theft-resistant
  • Holds single roll up to 6" (150mm) dia. (2000 sheets)
  • Controlled delivery


Materials: Bracket - Heavy-duty cast aluminum with satin finish. Small extrusion limits rotation of spindle to 3/4 revolution
Spindle - Molded high-impact ABS. Equipped with retractable pin and concealed locking mechanism
Size: 6-1/2" (165mm) w x 1-1/2" (40mm) h x 4-7/8" (125mm) d
Capacity: One standard-core toilet tissue roll up to 6" (152mm) diameter (2000 sheets)
Operation: Controlled delivery of toilet tissue roll; 3/4 revolution of spindle on each dispensing operation. Counterbalanced spindle automatically returns to original position. Eliminates waste. Spindle can only be removed with special key furnished. Theft-resistant
Installation: For partitions with particle-board or other solid core, provide sheet-metal screws or through-bolts, nuts, and washers
For hollow-core metal partitions, provide solid backing into which sheet-metal screws can be secured. If two units are installed back-to-back, then provide threaded sleeves and machine screws for the full thickness of partition
For plaster or dry wall construction, provide concealed backing to comply with local building codes, then secure unit with sheet-metal screws
For other wall surfaces, provide sheet-metal screws and fiber plugs or expansion shields, or provide 1/8" (3mm) toggle bolts or expansion bolts


Barrier-Free Code Compliance: Complies with barrier-free accessibility guidelines (including ADAAG in the U.S.A.)

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